AWS: Introduction And Importance In Real World

Introduction to AWS and Importance

Without any doubt, Amazon web services need no introduction. It is undoubtedly one of the leading cloud service providers in the market. Since its inception in the market in 2006, it is gaining immense popularity. At present, it provides more than 170 AWS services to the developers so they can access them from any place at the time of need. 

With users across over 190 countries globally, it is used mainly by tech companies, education-tech institutions, and government organizations. 


In this blog, today, before taking our discussion to the next level, it is time to briefly explain a few terms to make things smooth for the readers.

What is Cloud Migration Services?

In simpler words, we can say that Cloud computing is the delivery of servers, databases, software services to users. With the introduction of cloud computing, there is no need to store data on local machines to access a remote server quickly. Furthermore, these services easily accumulate and access data from anyplace throughout the world.

What is an Amazon web service?

Amazon Web Services also referred to as AWS, is a cloud-computing-based platform used to build solutions for big businesses using inter-connected web services. The best part about these AWS cloud computing services is that it provides a range of pre-built services that can help companies build their custom cloud-based solutions effortlessly. It is a trusted name in the marketplace and thus used by companies widely for data processing, warehousing, game development, development, etc. Moreover, if you plan to start a business and need servers that will depend on your demand, AWS provides a feature that saves your money, time, and potential.

Importance of AWS for businesses

There are various categories of AWS based on the user needs. These include:

AWS Cloud Computing Services

It is a domain that includes services related to computing jobs. It includes:

  1. Elastic Beanstalk
  2. Amazon LightSail
  3. Elastic Compute Cloud
  4. Lambda

Storage Services          

It includes all the data Storage domain-related data storage.

  1. Simple Storage Service
  2. Amazon Glacier
  3. AWS Snowball
  4. Elastic Block Store

Database Services

Mainly used for database related workloads; it includes the following services:

  1. Amazon DynamoDB
  2. Amazon Redshift
  3. Amazon Aurora
  4. Amazon RDS

Migration Services

It is a service used for transferring data from or to the AWS Infrastructure. AWS Cloud Migration Services includes the following services:

Management Tools

The Management Tools domain involves services that accomplish other services in AWS; it comprises the following services:

  1. AWS CloudWatch
  2. AWS CloudTrail
  3. AWS CloudFomation

Security & Identity, Compliance Services

The AWS Security Services helps identify the domain compliance, which validates the security to your AWS resources. It involves the following services:

  1. AWS Shield
  2. AWS IAM
  3. AWS KMS

Messaging Services

The Messaging domain consists of the following parts: queuing, alerting, or emailing messages. 

  1. Amazon SQS
  2. Amazon Pinpoint
  3. Amazon SNS
  4. Amazon SES

Wrap up

Overall, Amazon Web Services are shaking up the world in a similar manner that Amazon's e-commerce platform is changing the retail landscape. By assessing AWS products competitively, businesses can deliver affordable and accessible services to everybody effortlessly.

To conclude, we can say that if you have any queries regarding AWS DevOps Services, please feel free to connect with us. Our experts will assist you as soon as possible.


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