How would Smart Contract Simplify Transactions in the Future?

Smart Contract

The introduction of the blockchain is on the concept of decentralization which means no intermediary involvement during the transaction process. This surely comes with the question that would it be safe and secure? Unlike the traditional method, there is no third party having the authority to perform the verification check. Keeping this challenge in mind the smart contract was introduced.

What is Smart Contract?

It is the error-free written code behind which the idea was to record the contract. It becomes functional only when the transaction is processed by keeping up with the conditions.

For example, person M wants to send the currency to person N over the platform built on blockchain technology. There will be certain conditions defined by person M for Person N to fulfill, after which he/she will want to proceed with the transfer. At this point, the contract becomes effective and does the verification. Note, here there is no third person involved to verify the protocols but sets codes that automate the workflow after verifying the predetermined conditions.

Undoubtedly, it is making the process simple and also lowering the process costing. The introduction of smart contracts has made the lending & borrowing procedure, token exchange transparent & efficient. It is eliminating the paperwork and chances of errors, which seemingly often causes trouble when a significant amount is involved.

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