3 Use Cases of Blockchain That Have Transformed the Technology Landscape

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Blockchain technology has transformed the world for the better and has given a new dimension to the academic and the business worldThe technology landscape is welcoming the promising blockchain technology in supreme ways that have not been witnessed since the advent of the internet. The technology that reinforces Bitcoin will make organizations more apparent, self-governing, decentralized, well-organized, and secure. While among all other types of applications of Blockchain Technology, the Financial Services industry has created an apparent place in the digital landscape world across several other industries.

How Blockchain Technology Works?

Blockchain is a disruptive technology based on Distributed Ledger, and it has the potential to transform the old-style business models and other related networking solutions to simplify and provide a better-guarded method of processing their data and finances. However, it is the right time for businesses to adapt to the new paradigms for sharing transactional data. Smart Businesses are trying to discover ways to control this ledger technology that helps them save time, costs and reduce mundane processes.

Interesting Use Cases of Blockchain

Let's talk about some real-time implementation!

  • Lending and Payments:

Cryptocurrencies and smart contracts have made Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending and borrowing easier. The process eliminates the need of mediators during transaction settlement and management. Moreover, it helps businesses recover KYC records, User Authentication and Collateral Management (if appropriate).

  • Smart Contracts:

One of the most significant applications of Blockchain is building Smart Contracts. A smart contract eliminates the need for mediators and enables transactions in a unified and hassle-free manner. These smart contracts run on Ethereum and other Blockchain platforms without the intervention of third-party censorship or downtime.
For example, suppose you choose Smart Contract development for your business. In that case, the supplier directly receives the payment after the iOT sensors notice the departure of goods from the supplier at the warehouse. No waiting time and a contactless process that saves time and boosts efficiency.

  • Cloud Storage:

Blockchain offers businesses looking for Cloud storage with a safe and inexpensive solution. The technology offers peer-to-peer encryption to make sure data security while the data is in transit. As related to conservative cloud storage corporations, the distributed ledger-based cloud storage offers better data security, amplified uploading and downloading speeds that too at small costs.

The abovementioned use cases are evidence that diverse companies will use blockchains within their sectors in the years to come. Though, businesses should examine each idea to craft its dependency on Blockchain while recognizing promising blockchain use cases.

There are undeniably abundant applications of Blockchain that can immensely impact the current transaction systems for the better. For more details, check our blog section for the next edition to get an overview of several other use cases of this pioneering technology.

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