Why Are DeFi Wallets Gaining Popularity In 2021? Here Is Why?

DeFi has gained massive popularity in the market world and has become an obsession for businesses to incorporate it in all services in their portfolios. Though, to operate all the operations smoothly, enterprises need robust crypto wallet infrastructure with utmost security. There are an integer number of wallets available in the cryptocurrency market, and all of them are overflowing with top-notch features.

Indeed there are several reasons to embrace the power of decentralized wallets. First, DeFi wallets can effortlessly be separated from the internet when they are out of use, making them highly safe. Furthermore, they are fortified with multi-signature safety and social recovery layers.  

Let's give a random look at the stats that motivates you to build a crypto DeFi wallet.

  • The wallets based on Blockchain technology make purchasing cryptocurrency possible and are predicted to reach above 70 million wallet users at the end of March 2021.
  •  As per the DeFi Pulse reports, the total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance marked is $40 Billion by February 2021 that makes DeFi wallet so much prevalent among crypto enthusiasts,

What are businesses chasing behind Defi Wallets?

As we know decentralized wallet enables users to exchange cryptocurrencies without the participation of any trader. As an alternative to allowing a central authority to regulate transactions between two users, a DeFi wallet application pushes direct, secure peer-to-peer transactions.

Reasons for the increasing popularity of DeFi wallets

Authentication: The decentralized wallets provide private keys access to its users. This way, only the private keys holders have complete control over their currency.

Accessibility: DeFi wallets can be used anywhere across the world, anytime, regardless of any geographical location.

Compatibility: These are DeFi wallets that are accessed by connecting a web3 wallet. These types of wallets send and receive Ethereum.

Are you looking for some more reasons to motivate yourself before you choose DeFi crypto wallet application services?

Okay, We Are ready to give you some bonus reasons that help you make the right decision for your business.


It will protect your transactions until you add a reliable address or accept them with multi-layered verification. High-tech technology is used to save every type of currency stored in it, including millions of dollars of NFTs.

No Asset Loss

In the DeFi wallet, there is no probability of disappointment that destabilizes traditional self-custody wallets, including hardware wallets.


To summarize, we can conclude that Cryptocurrency wallets based on DeFi technology bestow a great prospect to change the digital future. It helps businesses develop a bug-free and transparent DeFi crypto wallet application that can bring adept changes in its usability and operations.

If you are also planning to develop a DeFi wallet, we are ready to help. Our experienced developers merge their proficiency and knowledge to offer you highly scalable Defi Wallet Application Development Services as per your business need.

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