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    Decentralized Applications

    With the growing demand for blockchain technology, more and more businesses are looking to yield the benefits of decentralized applications (DApps). Our team uses the advanced tech stack to enhance the applications core features to make them trustworthy and secure. If you are ready for decentralized application development services, you are on the right page. Let’s work together for a progressive future!

    Our Decentralized Application Development Services and Solutions

    1. Lending And Borrowing

    At Grey MatterZ, we understand the significance of lending, which easily connects borrowers to lenders of cryptocurrencies. Our team of experts provides Business-oriented solutions that deliver outstanding results for our clients. It is time to make your Business secure and reliable with our robust lending and borrowing app solutions.

    • Aave
    • Compound

    2. Token Swaps

    With Token swaps, you can boost the value of your assets through Defi tokenization development services. The exchange platform helps you trade diverse tokens with complete ownership and better interoperability.

    • Uniswap
    • Matcha

    3. Trading and prediction markets

    When you connect with our specialized team, our DeFi app developers offer you more advanced trading options. With our Decentralized trading app solutions, you get access to global liquidity, and your centralized exchanges are less susceptible to attacks.

    • Augur
    • Loopring

    4. Investments

    If you want to shift to a centralized financial system, then hire blockchain developers from our team and move your traditional finance to a decentralized one built on the Ethereum blockchain. The DeFi investment solutions offered by us include all payment systems like banking, payments and, stable coins, and lending and borrowing platforms.

    • Token Sets
    • PoolTogether

    5. Payments

    Being experienced decentralized finance (DeFi) Development Company, we build instant payment solutions using smart contracts and help startups and entrepreneurs grow their financial services.

    • Tornado cash
    • Sablier

    6. Crowdfunding

    We understand your business goals and thus offer Defi crowdfunding platform solutions to make you financially secure. Our expert teams of developers have complete knowledge of the subject ever since its introduction in the marketplace. We study the marketplace systematically to deliver solutions as per the latest trends.

    • Gitcoin Grants

    7. Insurance

    It is time to upgrade traditional insurance systems with our decentralized insurance solutions. We offer full-fledged digital solutions to make your process more efficient and trustable while mitigating the chances of risk and threats in the financial system.

    • Nexus Mutual
    • Etherisc

    8. Portfolio

    Our team of experts helps you develop fund management products on Ethereum that enhance your portfolio-based strategy. It allows you to track and evaluate your crypto assets portfolio without human help.

    • Zapper
    • Zerion

    9. Wallet

    A secure DeFi Wallet application is needed To make your DeFi protocols work smoothly. Here at Grey MatterZ, our skilled developers create feature-rich apps in the crypto landscape, which bring tremendous ROI for your business and upsurge visibility among users.

    • Argent
    • Gnosis Safe

    10. Exchange

    Being the best DeFi Exchange Platform development company, we know all the ways to promote your business venture to new heights. Our experienced team of adept Defi app developers follows a systematic approach to deliver scalable solutions that meet your needs in every possible manner.

    • Kyber
    • DYdX

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose Grey MatterZ For DeFi Apps?

    We have a pool of talented developers who build customized Defi applications that give your Business new recognition in the marketplace. Get in touch with us, and our experts help you craft a feature-rich Defi app that enables you to manage your crypto assets securely.

    1. Elite experience in development

    We have several years of experience in DeFi app development. Our team is continuously working to boost their skill set to meet the growing demands of the marketplace.

    2. Expert Team

    We are a budding team of proficient engineers with a profound understanding of the DeFi landscape.

    3. On-time delivery

    Our team of experts customizes app features as per your enterprise requirement and delivers them on –time.

    4. Business-centric solutions

    We value our client’s businesses and thus offer you a dedicated team of experts who focus on growing the platform to boost ROI.

    Why Choose DeFi Apps For Business?

    Here at Grey MatterZ, we nurture a team of experienced DeFi app developers who have in-depth knowledge of all the latest technologies. To grow your Business’s financial process, it is time to upgrade to DApps that best suit your business needs.

    Key benefits of choosing blockchain security controls for business include:
    • Decentralized solution boosts the security power.
    • The Open-source-Code of DeFi apps make them available for everyone.
    • Security against threats
    • Extra protection against fake transactions
    • No human error
    • Fast and permanent access
    • It is easy to store funds cryptographically in a blockchain

    Want to avoid Centralized failure?