A Solution Ensuring Integrity between Banks and Customers


FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK solution developed for fulfilling the operational requirement of financial intuition and making users’ experience satisfactory and exceptional.


The development of software went through many obstacles that required resolutions which included advanced technology and methodologies.

Primary and the major issue was related to data extraction and segregation. To make the large volume of information available to users. Therefore, the principal goal was to make the complex system of data fetching easy and efficient.

Additional problems included the user interface design compatible with users (manager, customer, and admin) along with developing a solution that is easy to use and maintain when there is traffic.


As mentioned the issue related to solution development was orbiting around databases. Thus, the resolution was focused to make the project data-centric keeping the high-end security in mind.

For this reason, the ETL model was integrated taking the aid of the data engineer. ETL in integration with AWS Glue allows easier integration as developers got the visual and code-based interfaces.

It also helped in developing and implementing data validation, auditing, reconciliation, testing methodologies, and integration processes eventually improving the quality of data.

The team worked on the error handling and rollback framework, including scheduling, error management, and email notifications.

With the Github tool, the repositories of the banks were maintained. The IT metadata management tool helped with the gathering of the metadata and crucial data dictionaries.
To ensure the standards of bank procedures and make the operation safe and sound for every user, the encryption software was integrated. This assisted banks to generate codes that only they can understand.

For an uninterrupted banking operation, the agile methodology was implemented to develop software that offered installation, configuration, and testing.

The digital ecosystem was created where cloud, on-premises, and hybrid models were used in amalgamation with ETL technologies. This helped banks in cleanse storing and perform the right analysis for generating valuable insights to offer their customers.

The most popular and reliable RDBM, MySql was employed for the database tables that helped in fetching, classifying, and aggregating data.


A robustly developed solution that has easy to use interface for every user(admin, customer, and manager)
Independent deployment
Currency flexibility and accessibility
Easy to handle and transfer control to admin

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