Building an Ultimate Home Maintenance Solution for Owners And Tenants


Keeping a check on every property and its maintenance is not possible in the fast-paced lifestyle.

Additionally, Finding a handyman in cities is tough and also very time taking. While hustling to find a reliable service provider Mr. Alok felt the need for a platform where raising a ticket could be easy and quick for the home issues maintenance.

Real Estate is a project which focuses on providing ease to owners and tenants for the maintenance of their property.

The website has three users: tenant, owner, and handyman.



The platform was developed keeping three users in mind. Therefore, it was required to have an interactive UI that would be customary to each user(tenant, owner, and handyman).


Designing an application that is going to support many users, and database management become a tough task. This requires multiple switching of databases and servers.


A well-planned and designed internal communication was the need to avoid any external support for exchanging information.

Our Solution

In the first phase, an interactive UI was developed using Adobe XD, dream weaver. 

In the second phase, MySQL was used in integration with Node to make the data fetching easy and quick for every user.

For the third challenge, the team developed a chat setup using the Socket IO.

Additional tools

Google Place API, CI/CD Pipeline, and SMS integration were incorporated.

In addition to this Locale setup and SMTP, setup was configured. With the help of RESTful API, the well-structured design and development process was planned to keep components and interface coordinated.

Key Features:

Owners can keep a check on their property irrespective of location and monitor tenants raising maintenance tickets.

The easy property listings for rent and sale.

Secure payment and refund options for each user (owner, tenant, handyman)

Equipped with a separate comprehensive maintenance module which includes issues like renovation, electric faults, plumbing, and more.

Easy communication with multiple interested buyers and tenants
A licensed and authorized handyman

Tech Stack

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