Changing Face of Digital Learning


During the pandemic, there has been a surge in the digital way of learning. The need for a reliable learning platform led to the development of THE Rookee. It is a 1:1 online learning platform where learners and tutors share the same platforms.

The Additional benefit it offers to every learner is they can volunteer to share the knowledge regarding topics they like or hold expertise in.


The development process faced challenges in a phased manner. At the first place there was the obstacle to design the UI, compatible for both users (learner and tutor).
Another phase involves the development of a whiteboard for tutors.
The most important issue that needs the primary attention was ensuring the avoidance of data breach as large volumes of data will be stored in the database.

Our Solution

The project development started off using Jira Agile Project Management to track the project progress.
For keeping the platform device friendly and compatible to platforms, NodeJS, React and Php technology was adapted.
For secure and easy data retrieval MySql, RDBMS was preferred.

Key Features:

  • Whiteboard
  • Video Conference
  • Chat box
  • Screen sharing

Tech Stack

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